Help! My Garage Door Won't Open!

Posted on: 4 January 2015
Is your car stuck in your garage because your garage door won't open? Don't panic! There are a variety of possible reasons that could cause your garage door to not open, and it's possible there's an easy fix. Follow these tips to troubleshoot your garage door and get your car out of the garage. Check the Batteries in the Opener It's possible that the batteries in your garage door remote have died.
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2 Common Air Conditioning Problems

Posted on: 27 December 2014
As the temperatures rise, you depend on your air conditioning unit more and more. If the unit stops working, it can cause the temperature inside of your home to soar. Getting your unit fixed is probably at the top of your to-do list. Even though annual maintenance might be one of the best methods for catching problems like these, you can easily troubleshoot some of the more common repairs your unit might need.
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Exploring Your Replacement Window Options

Posted on: 22 December 2014
Are you planning to install new windows in your home? If so, you should know that the building materials you choose to complete this project can have a huge impact on the benefits you stand to enjoy, as well as the disadvantages you may find yourself dealing with. This is why it is so important to carefully review the pros and cons associated with all of your options before determining which type of replacement windows are right for your home.
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