3 Benefits Of A Frameless Glass Shower

Posted on: 7 June 2019

If you are building a home or renovating a bathroom, you may feel overwhelmed by the various decisions you need to make. Paint colors, cabinet design, flooring, and even light fixtures are all important choices. However, designing the right shower should also be a priority if you want an attractive and functional bathroom. Today, more and more homeowners and builders are loving the look of a frameless glass shower. With this guide, you will learn a few key benefits of opting for this frameless design for your shower.

Modern Appeal

In the past, there were fewer types of shower designs. A tub and shower combination were common, for example. This combination served a purpose, but it lacked appeal and style.

In addition to the traditional tub and shower combo, showers with framed or sliding doors are popular designs. Again, these showers are functional and will serve their intended purpose, but they are not modern and appealing for today's homeowners.

Not only will a bathroom with a frameless glass shower system serve the purpose of showering, but potential buyers will also pay more for a bathroom that is modern and sleek. This may not seem beneficial now, but it will benefit you in the future if you decide to sell the home.

Larger and Lighter

Heavy shower curtains, sliding doors, or framed shower doors can cause small, dark bathrooms to feel even smaller and more cramped. Instead of these traditional designs, opt for a shower system that is created using mainly glass, which opens up and brightens up a small, dark space. If you have a small, dark bathroom, a frameless glass shower will improve the way the bathroom looks and feels.

Frameless glass showers are enclosed by glass walls and a glass door. Light reflects off the glass, bouncing throughout the entire bathroom space, instantly making the bathroom feel larger and lighter. The more light, the bigger the space will feel. However, the more light, the easier bathing, dressing, and grooming will be.

Easy to Clean

No matter how much time and energy you put into it, cleaning a shower can be overwhelming. From scrubbing the tile or fiberglass to removing water stains and soap scum from the shower curtains or glass, it is easy to see the challenges of shower cleaning.

Because the design is comprised of mostly glass without any nooks, crannies, or crevices in the surround or door, cleaning a frameless glass shower will not be as hard.

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