Questions About Investing In A Carport For Your RV

Posted on: 23 September 2018

It is common for there to be long stretches of time between instances where you will need to use your RV. During these times, it will need to be stored to minimize the wear that it will experience. To avoid needing to rent a storage unit for the RV, you might want to install a carport that is designed for the needs of a large RV.

Can Metal RV Carports Be Moved?

A metal RV carport will have to be anchored to the ground to prevent it from moving as a result of high winds. This anchor is done through either the construction of an entire foundation or the insertion of metal rods into the ground to hold the carport in place. As a result, it will not be possible to easily move the carport once it has been installed.

Can A Metal RV Carport Be Installed Anywhere?

Homeowners will often assume that a carport can simply be placed anywhere on their property. However, it is necessary for the soil to be stable enough to support the anchors or the foundation for the carport. If the soil is too loose, the RV carport may gradually destabilize. Soil testing will allow you to verify that the soil can support the carport, and these tests can be both quick and affordable to complete. When choosing another location for the carport is not an option, soil grouting may allow you to stabilize the soil enough to accommodate this upgrade.  

Is It Necessary To Paint Your New RV Carport?

A key advantage of a metal RV carport over a wooden one is that you will not have to paint it. These carports will usually be colored at the time they are manufactured so that you will not have to paint them in the future. If the color starts to become dull or faded, it is likely due to the presence of dirt on the exterior, and pressure washing may restore its color.

Should You Opt For A RV Carport That Is Completely Enclosed?

When choosing a carport for your RV, you may be tempted to opt for one that only covers the top of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this will provide minimal cover for the vehicle as water, pests, and other problems can reach the sides of the vehicle. While an enclosed carport may be slightly more expensive, the added protection that it will provide can be worth it for safely storing your RV.

For more information on metal RV carports, contact your local carport supplier.