4 Things To Look For In A Professional Sprinkler Trenching Company

Posted on: 28 June 2018

Creating trenches for your sprinklers is a job best left to the professionals. Unless you happen to have the right equipment, you'll have to dig the trenches yourself using a shovel and other tools. This is no easy task.

However, choosing a company to do the trenching is also not a straightforward task. It's risky to simply choose the first company you come across in the phone book. You'll need to take a little bit of time to look at the sprinkler trenching company you choose.


Experience is a valuable component as far as specialty jobs are concerned. A company with limited experience may not know how to handle certain soil types, or they may not know how to handle issues such as trenching underneath driveways.

Experience doing trenching work within specific jurisdictions should also be considered. Certain parts of the country may have specific laws with regards to trenching and other landscaping work. It's important to work with somebody who already has a good understanding of the laws to avoid getting fines.


Experience alone isn't worth much if a company has a poor reputation. Before signing any paperwork, check with other people who hired the same company to install their sprinkler systems.

Even if a homeowner is satisfied with the quality of the work that was done, they may have had a negative experience with the same company, and this can tell you exactly what you're in for. It's not unusual for some contractors to start working on a job only to take longer than expected to complete it. These are the kind of experiences you'll be keen to avoid when having your systems installed.

Properly Equipped

Proper landscaping work requires having the right skills, but having the right tools for the job is just as important. When you're hiring a trenching company, you should inquire what tools they'll be using to get the work done. Professional trenching equipment is preferable because they will get the job done faster. You should also ask how the company plans on handling the difficult spots.


Even the best trenching contractor won't be of any use to you if their schedule is already full. If a company is in demand, the waiting list may be quite long. This can delay how long it will take you to have your sprinklers. You may have to choose a different option in that scenario.