Keeping Your Air Conditioning Maintained

Posted on: 30 September 2017

Keeping up with your air conditioning service can be very difficult, but it can be done. It is important that you maintain your air conditioning or it might end up going out during the summer months. This is when your system is likely to experience problems simply because this is when you are utilizing the air conditioning the most. If your air conditioning does in fact go out, you could be in for a long, hot, miserable few days until it is completely fixed. Here are a few different ideas to ensure that your air conditioning unit stays functioning the entire summer. 

Air Compressor

One of the most important parts of the system that you can maintain is your compressor. The air compressor is outside of your house, and because of this it is often forgotten about. You want to clean the compressor out really well. You can open your compressor and remove any debris, but then also vacuum it out. You also want to cut any shrubs or vegetation down that may grow into the compressor. Lastly you want to ensure that the compressor is flat. The coolant runs through coils inside your compressor, and if it is not flat the coolant will not flow properly.

Air Ducts

Pushing the air through the home is made possible by the air ducts, These are very important to the system, but are often overlooked. The first thing that you should know about your air ducts is that they can cause a lot of sickness. Over time these air ducts can become blocked with dust and mold. The dust and mold can cause a lot of upper respiratory problems, but can also cause some major problems in your air conditioning system. It can block the air passage and put extra strain on the system. Vacuum these air ducts out before the summer, and every other year have a professional vacuum the ducts out to ensure that all the ducts are extremely clean.


As the homeowner, you want to do as much as possible on your own. Luckily you should have no problem changing out your filters. Each air conditioning unit is a little different but, with a screwdriver, you should not have a problem getting access to your filter. You will find replacements at local home improvement stores. Even a little bit of dust or debris can do a lot of damage to your system. Check your filters every three two months. 

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