How To Address Common Hot Tub Issues

Posted on: 16 February 2017

If you have a hot tub, you may be experiencing some problems that tend to happen over time. While hot tubs are usually made of quality materials and can work well for a long time, they are still susceptible to requiring maintenance or repairs. It is important to understand what the potential problems can be so that you know what to do when you see signs for these problems.

There Are Heating Problems

This is probably one of the more common issues people experience with their hot tub. You might not notice a leak or a clogged air filter right away, but you are likely to know right away when there are heating issues. This is sometimes a complete lack of heat altogether, which tells you there is something wrong with the thermostat in most cases. However, your hot tub might still heat up, but maybe it takes a little longer than it used to, or it never quite reaches the temperature you want. In this case, it could be related to the filter being clogged or a minor thermostat problem. If you clean or replace the air filter and it still doesn't heat up as it should, it is time to call a professional.

It is Making Loud Noises

This is also something that is easier to notice when you have had your hot tub for a while. By the time you have used it for several weeks or months, you know the normal sounds it makes, so you can tell when the noises have changed or gotten louder. These changes are when you know something is wrong. If the pump of your hot tub is making loud noises whenever it is turned on, it is likely due to having worn bearings in the motor. These will need to be replaced. If you wait too long, it could do damage to the motor itself, requiring a replacement.

You Are Having Electrical Problems

When your hot tub is leading to electrical problems, it is not something you should attempt to handle yourself. For example, if you notice that when your hot tub is on, the GFCI tends to be tripped often, there is probably an electrical short somewhere in your home's electrical wiring. You should not mess around with wiring unless you are a licensed electrician. This is when it is best to contact a professional like Kaupas Water so they can figure out the problem and safely repair it.