Planning To Sell Your Home? Use These Inexpensive Kitchen Remodeling Options To Attract More Buyers

Posted on: 15 December 2016

In most family homes, the kitchen is usually the room that gets the most use. Whether it's preparing meals, having a discussion at the kitchen table, or just getting a drink of water, kids and adults alike all seem to gather there several times each day. This level of use means that buyers will be paying extra attention to the kitchen spaces in the homes they choose to view. If you are preparing your home for the real estate market, you may be wondering what you can do to make your kitchen become a better selling point for your home without breaking your budget in the process. Luckily, there are some inexpensive kitchen remodeling options that can help improve the overall appearance of your kitchen without dropping tens of thousands on a complete kitchen renovation. Here are some of the best.

Brighten and update walls, ceilings, and other surfaces

Because kitchens are a food preparation area, most buyers will want to see clean, well-lit spaces where they will feel good about preparing meals for their families. Dingy grout, stained sinks and counters, and grease stains on cabinets, walls, and ceilings will make buyers feel uncomfortable and cause you to loose a potential sale. Avoid these potential problems by using inexpensive paint to provide a bright, clean look for cabinetry, walls, and ceilings, cleaning stained grout and having a counter top installed. This will help your kitchen look new, fresh, and sanitary, without gutting it and starting over from scratch.

Add some eye candy 

Once you have freshened up the major surfaces of your kitchen, consider adding a few relatively inexpensive features that are currently popular with buyers to grab and hold their attention when they view your kitchen. Good ideas for this type of kitchen eye candy include:

  • adding pendant or task lighting to eliminate shadows and add warmth to areas that may seem dark or dreary
  • adding an attractive freestanding cart that can double as extra counter space or storage
  • installing a new faucet or updating cabinet and drawer pulls
  • adding colorful non-skid mats on the floor to increase comfort and provide visual interest
  • adding new cabinet and drawer fronts to existing cabinets instead of replacing tired cabinetry

In addition to these options, homeowners who want to maximize the appeal of their kitchen without doing a full remodel should discuss their options with a kitchen remodeling contractor in their area. Discuss the amount of money you can spend and ask the contractor how they can use it to make the most impact in your kitchen. A small amount of money used wisely to refurbish your tired kitchen will translate into a better selling experience.