Know What Gutter Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 26 September 2016

As a homeowner, you take pride in taking care of your home on your own. For this reason, when it's time to clean out the gutters, you're ready for the task. The unfortunate reality is that, while this is a great attitude to have, a positive attitude doesn't guarantee positive results. In fact, many homeowners go about this process all wrong, which only leads to further trouble.

Applying The Power Washer Full Force

When it comes to exterior cleaning, the pressure washer is typically the go-to tool. You can use this aide to clean gutters, but you must first invest in the right type of tools. If you use the pressure washer with its standard wand, the force from the high-pressure water will likely also loosen the fasteners and maybe even send the whole piece crashing down to the ground. When using a pressure washer, you need a telescopic wand. These tiny wands easily fit within the gutter space and eject water at a reduced rate to prevent damage.

Overlooking The Condition Of Your Gutters

Do you know what type of condition your gutters are in? This is very important when it comes to the integrity of the fastener system. If your gutters are aged and visibly weak in some spots, climbing up on a ladder is a very bad idea. Depending on the placement of the ladder, it is highly likely that the ladder will slightly rest on top of the gutters.

If the fasteners are in bad shape, this extra pressure could cause the gutters and your ladder to collapse on the ground, increasing your risk for serious injury. If you aren't positively sure your gutters are in good shape, stay on the ground.

Not Having Protective Gear

Even if it's safe to climb up the ladder, you still need to have the right protective gear in order to do so properly. If you don't, you're only putting your safety in jeopardy. First, you need to have the right type of footwear. Roofs are a lot more slippery than they appear and wearing anything other than a gripping, non-slip shoe is simply asking for trouble.

It's also important to have a pair of thick heavy-duty gloves on your hands. Leaves aren't the only thing that clog gutters. There may also be sharp objects in the gutter, such as broken limbs, Picking up these items with your bare hands could result in an injury.

When it comes to avoiding mistakes, the best course of action is to contract a professional like Mr.Gutter, LLC. They can clean and inspect your gutters safely, efficiently, and in a shorter amount of time.