Five Important Landscaping Trends In 2016

Posted on: 18 May 2016

If you're getting ready to update your outdoor living space for the season, you'll be glad to know that this years important landscaping trends are designed to make your life easier as well as more relaxing. Following are five of the best yard and garden trends for 2016. 

Low Maintenance Plants

Fussy landscapes featuring large lawns and other time-and-money-consuming features are giving way to outdoor environments crafted with sustainability in mind. Low maintenance plants provide homeowners with attractive outdoor living spaces without having to spend every weekend working in the yard. Drought tolerant plants, for example, don't require extra watering, and native plants don't require extra fertilizer or artificial pest controls because they are already acclimated to local soils, pest problems, and other environmental conditions. 

Colored Structures

Outdoor structures such as garden sheds, arbors, trellises, and fencing are traditionally brown, white, gray, or natural in most American landscapes. However, the European trend of colored structures is rapidly catching on this year on this side of the pond. Outdoor structures are turning up in colors designed to provide complementary or contrasting backgrounds to landscaping plants. For instance, a sky-blue picket fence covered with climbing orange and bright yellow vining nasturtiums provides a charming, whimsical appearance. 

Water Features

Small ponds and waterfalls create a serene ambiance that promotes contemplation and relaxation. It isn't necessary for water features to waste water and run up utility bills -- most of what's available on today's market use recirculation technology that continuously filters and recycles the same water. Most people find the sound of falling water as soothing as the visual. To complete the look, plant water lilies, iris, marsh marigolds, and other aquatic plants in or around your water feature. 

Functional Plantings 

Today's homeowners are moving away from purely ornamental landscaping and planting functional vegetation in its place. Culinary herb gardens have been enjoying a resurgence recently, and dwarf versions of standard fruit trees make it possible for those with small yards to nonetheless reap the benefits of growing their own apples, pears, peaches, and other tree fruits. Home vineyards and hops are another emerging trend as interest in home wine and beer making continues to grow. Creative types are even growing certain flowers such as marigolds for their potential for use as dyes. 

Softer Flower Colors

​Reflecting the current trend toward creating serene, relaxing outdoor home environments, today's garden palette features softer hues than in recent years. Think Monet watercolors and pastel cottage gardens. Yellow and pink snapdragons, violet lobelia, and cream and blush-colored roses are just three of the many flowering plants that can be used to create this lovely effect. 

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