How To Paint Ceilings With Ease

Posted on: 30 December 2015

Painting interior walls is usually one of the easiest home improvement jobs you can do. If you have a home with textured drywall, it is a project that you can do even if you have little training. That is not to say that the job does not require a fair bit of patience, physical effort and time. One of the hardest parts of painting interiors is doing the ceilings. Painting the ceilings, can be stressful on your body, especially your neck and arms. This article explains a few basic tips for successfully painting ceilings.

Use a Roller with an Extension Pole

In most cases, it is easiest to paint your interior walls with paint rollers. But, the key to painting a ceiling is using a telescoping extension pole. With a pole, you don't need to worry about climbing up and down a ladder while painting. Even a pole that is just 4' long will allow most people to reach a traditional 8' or 10' ceiling with ease. But certain ceilings can be much taller than 10', so it is helpful to have a telescoping pole that can extend to 8' or 12'.

The first step when using an extension pole is covering the entire floor and removing everything from the room. Don't just cover the floor underneath the area you are painting. And, don't just push the furniture to the center of the room and cover it with a tarp. With an extension pole, you can paint a larger perimeter. This is great because you won't be painting the area right above your head and having paint drip into your hair and eyes. That being said, it is still smart to wear a hat and protective eyeglasses while painting because splatter can get anywhere.

Painting in Straight Rows

The key to painting ceilings, especially if they are white, is making sure you paint in consistent rows. Start on one end of the wall and paint the entire length of the room. Just do rows that are as wide as the roller, then start a new row when you turn around at the end of the wall. Overlap the rows slightly so there are not gaps. This technique is very helpful because the ceiling is usually poorly lit and it can be hard to tell the difference between the old paint and the new paint. Of course, this technique is much easier if you use an extension pole because you can just walk back and forth along the floor.

As you can see, painting your ceiling with an extension pole will make it much easier. For more information or assistance, contact a company like M.S. Service Inc.