Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Overhead Garage Door

Posted on: 12 December 2015

Garage doors are like big, blank canvasses that can be decorated in any way you want at the holidays. Garland, ribbon, wreaths and lights are excellent decorations that will make your garage door more festive at this joyful time of year. When decorating, it's important to follow certain precautions that will ensure your garage door is not damaged during the process. These tips will help you decorate your garage door safely, without causing mechanical problems.

Garage Door Murals

You can buy pre-made murals that are specially designed to be hung on garage doors. These murals can be photographs of holiday-related scenes, or can be graphically designed images. The best quality garage door murals will be those that allow you to open and close your garage door with the mural attached, so pay close attention when purchasing your mural and look for murals that allow the door to continue with normal operation.

Gift Wrapping

Use two wide red ribbons, one horizontal and one vertical, to wrap your garage. Attach a bow in the location where the two ribbons intersect to make your garage look like a large present. This is a great option for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time decorating their home but would like to do something festive. Note that red ribbons may interfere with garage door mechanics, so I don't use this option if you plan to use your garage to store your car this winter.

Twinkle Lights, Garland, and Wreaths

Put up twinkle lights intertwined with garland around the opening of your garage door, then attach over-sized wreaths wrapped with red ribbon to the garage door. If using your garage door is important, leave the wreaths off of the garage, as they can fall off when the door is being opened and closed. Do not nail the wreaths into place! Hold up the wreaths with garage door clips or wreath hangers inserted into the joints between garage door panels.

As a side note, remember to disengage your garage door from the motor before beginning any holiday decorating. This can be done by pulling the red cord hanging from the central track inside the garage. If your decorations do not impede the opening and closing action of the door (like a garage door mural or garland strung around the outside of the door), you can re-engage the door when you're finished putting up the decorations. If your decorations get in the way of the door's functionality, then leave the motor disengaged for the holiday season.