2 Tips For Glass Storefront Doors

Posted on: 5 November 2015

A glass door creates a welcoming entry for customers, but it is higher maintenance than other door options. To ensure that the door performs well while also providing sufficient security is a must for any small business owner. The following tips can help you maintain the storefront door and protect it from harm. 

Tip #1: Strength Matters

Glass doors are typically made of a shatterproof glass, but this doesn't mean that they can't be shattered. If security or breakage is a concern, you have several options that will help make the door stronger:

  • Bulletproof glass. Although more expensive, it is very difficult to shatter a door made of this material. Also, when damage does occur it usually only results in a small chip, similar to a rock chip on a car windshield.

  • Security film. This is a film that is installed on the inside of the door. It is nearly invisible and it allows light through, but it makes it difficult to break through the glass to gain entry. The film even holds glass shards in place, so at least there isn't a mess if the door is broken.

  • Security mesh. This is a wire mesh embedded in the glass. Even if a thief manages to break the glass, they won't be able to get through the wire. The mesh is visible, although you can still easily see through it, so it is a perfect solution for all locations.

Tip #2: Decorate Wisely

There are two concerns with door advertisements or decorations – safety for users and safety for the glass. Unless you have clearly separated exit and entrance doors, you don't want to block anyone using the door from seeing if someone is on the other side. If you opt to use door ads or decorations, make sure they are either translucent, so users can see through them, or placed low enough so that visibility is maintained. 

The other concern comes with removal. Opt for decorations that use static clean so you can simply pull them off when done. If you use adhesive items, opt for a plastic scraper to remove residue since metal blades can scratch the glass. Finally, if you utilize the services of a window painter, make sure the paint they use is for glass. You don't want paint that contains abrasives that could harm the glass.

Contact a local commercial door installer (such as S & J Door Inc) if you have further questions about maintaining your glass doors.