Steps To Repairing Your Neglected Asphalt Parking Lot

Posted on: 30 August 2015

If you're moving your business into an older building that has been vacant for a while, the parking lot may be neglected. As long as the lot is not so old that's it's past its useful life, you can probably have it repaired rather than having to replace it. Here are some of the steps involved in parking lot repair.

Fill Cracks And Potholes

The first step is to fix obvious problems with the parking lot. Even if you decide to resurface or sealcoat the lot later, you still need to start with making repairs to cracks and holes. If there is extensive destruction of the asphalt, it may make more sense to put in a new lot. However, most cracks can be filled in quite easily with crack filler. Holes can be filled in and smoothed over. Although the repairs will be visible since the filler is darker than faded asphalt, when you cover them with a sealcoat or new top surface, the repairs will become invisible, and your lot will be nice and smooth.

Resurfacing Or Sealcoating

The next step is to rejuvenate the surface of the lot. If the lot is old and worn down, resurfacing might be the best answer. When a contractor resurfaces your lot, he or she applies a new top layer of asphalt over it. It's like having a new parking lot without having to rip out the old one. In order for this to work, the bed underneath the lot must be stable and in good condition.

Sealcoating is more like a cosmetic treatment. It is similar to applying spray paint to the surface of your lot. To choose this treatment, your lot should have a stable bed and strong surface too, since new asphalt is not added. Sealcoating restores the dark color to asphalt so your lot looks like it's new.

Add Parking Spaces

The final step to repairing your parking lot is to apply new parking space lines and directional arrows. You may want to install parking curbs and handicap spaces, too. Once your lot has signs, lines, and arrows in place, it is ready for your staff and customers to use. To keep your lot looking good, you should consider having a sealcoat applied every few years along with new painted lines. It doesn't take much effort, and it keeps your lot looking like new. This reflects well on your business and shows you care about your customers and employees.

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Parking lot repair can be done in different ways depending on your needs. Start with a consultation with a contractor to determine if the lot has structural damage or if it just needs cosmetic repairs. The contractor will make sure water drains from the lot properly and the bed underneath is still good. Your parking lot consists of much more than a simple layer of asphalt. The stability of the compacted soil and aggregate underneath the asphalt determines the type of repairs you'll need.