Save Money And Stop Leaks With Roof Coating

Posted on: 13 August 2015

If your home has a flat roof or one with a low slope, you have to be vigilant against leaks, since water doesn't roll off the roof as quickly as it does on a sloped roof. As your roof ages, or when leaves and twigs accumulate, water can puddle on the roof after a storm and further increase the risk of leaking and water damage. One solution for this problem is to coat your roof with a waterproof membrane. Here's what you need to know.

Fix Roofing Problems First

If your roof is currently leaking, you should consider having the coating applied by a contractor because you'll need to have repairs done first. Applying roof coating is much cheaper than installing a new roof, and while it will protect your roof once it is applied, you want to make sure the existing deck and roof is in good shape first. You'll need to let the wood dry out completely. If the deck is rotted, the contractor will probably cut out the bad parts and install new plywood, otherwise the roof may continue to deteriorate underneath the coating.

Applies Like Paint

It's pretty easy to apply a roof coating. If your roof is fairly small and it doesn't have any problems, then you can probably do the job yourself. All you need to do is clean your roof first and then apply the coating. It goes on just like paint. You can spray it on or apply it with a roller. When it dries, it forms a continuous waterproof membrane that protects the deck underneath. Even if water pools on the roof surface, it won't seep through the coating.

Added Benefit Of Cooling Your House

Besides being a more affordable way to protect your home than having a new roof installed, roof coating has another benefit. It helps keep your home cooler in the summer. Roof coating is usually white, so it reflects the sun. This reduces heat buildup in your attic so there is less hot air to seep down into your living space.

Roof coating can be applied to all types of roofs such as metal, asphalt, and wood. It can be used on flat or sloped roofs. The coating has an elastic quality once it dries in place so it can expand and contract along with the weather conditions. This makes it suitable for all climates. The coating can even improve the look of your home if your old roof is dirty and decaying. If you want to protect your home from leaks and repair your roof on a budget, then having a coating applied to your roof might be the answer you need. Contact a professional service, like Stetson Painting, to set up an appointment.