Steps To Take To Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Doesn't Hurt Your Home's Sale

Posted on: 17 February 2015

Are you getting your home ready to go on the market? Are you hoping to make it as attractive as possible to possible buyers? Potential owners will want to make sure that the air conditioning system works properly. Make the sale process smoother by following these steps before you hang out the "For Sale" sign: 

Gather all records: Find the purchase papers so the potential buyer can know the age of the unit. If you've lost the actual receipt, then check your credit card or bank account for the date. Make a list of all air conditioning services you've had done to show that you've kept the unit maintained. If you don't have the original owner's manual, do an internet search to see if you can find a copy to download. If the air conditioner is still under warranty, contact the warranty company to find out if the warranty is transferable. Make copies of all papers, give one set to the buyer and keep one set for yourself. Should the new owner make unscrupulous claims about the unit a few months after closing, your set of records will prove the truth of the matter. 

Have the electricity checked: If you haven't turned on your air conditioner for a few months, turn it on before you show the home to prospective buyers. If the electricity does not come on, check your main fuse panel to see if its circuit breaker or fuse is tripped. If the electricity doesn't come back on after you've flipped the breaker back on, hire an air conditioning expert, like those at Omega Air Conditioning, to fix the problem before the home goes on the market. 

Make sure its blowing cool air: Even if you're selling your home in the dead of winter, turn the unit on to make sure it cools the home. Blowing out warm air could be a symptom of several issues that require professional attention. There could be debris blocking the airflow intake on the exterior of the unit. Or you might need a professional to refill the refrigerant. Hiring someone to perform air conditioning services will help you to find the problem area quickly and get the unit in working order. 

Change the interior filter: Start by vacuuming the grill of the filter, then opening up to measure the filter. If it's been awhile since the filter has been changed, you may want to spread a disposable tarp underneath the register before you remove the cover. While buying a replacement filter at your local home improvement center, consider buying extra and leave them behind for the person buying your home.  This small gesture will make them feel welcome in their new surroundings.