Common Questions About Roofing Upgrades Addressed

Posted on: 6 February 2015

The roof that protects your building is one of the most vital components of the structure. However, there are many individuals that are ill-informed when it concerns this aspect of their property. As a result, there may be a couple of questions that they need answered when they are considering having work done on this part of their building. 

Can The Energy Efficiency Of An Existing Roof Be Improved?

Growing concern over environmental damage and rising energy prices have made many homeowners and businesses eager to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes and offices. However, completely replacing the roof can be a highly expensive task, and these individuals may not be able to fully commit to this massive project. Yet, there is still a way that these individuals can improve the performance of the roof.  

Generally, there are two ways that a roof will lower energy efficiency. First, convective heating from the sun can cause the temperature on the surface of the roof to reach triple digit temperatures. This heat will radiate into the home. Also, small gaps can allow air from the interior to leak out which will lower the efficiency of the heating or cooling system. 

To correct these problems, it is possible for a roofing contractor to apply a special sealant that can close these small gaps and reflect much of the sun's heat. Interestingly, these sealants come in a clear coat, and this ensures you can enjoy the benefits of these sealants without degrading the appearance of your roof. 

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Tiles Over Shingles?

Eventually, it will be necessary for your roof to be replaced (by professionals such as Lawson Brothers Construction). When it comes time for this work, many people will simply choose shingles because this was the material that was previously on the roof. However, tiles can provide you with several important benefits. 

Tile is made from a type of concrete that is specially treated to withstand the grueling exposure to the elements. As a result, this material is far more durable than shingles, and this will make the roof less likely to suffer damage during severe weather events. Also, tile is far more resistant to water than shingles, and this can reduce the chances that your roof will develop water damage. 

A well-maintained roof is essential for ensuring that your building looks great and is structurally sound. However, some people may not fully understand what is needed to get the most from their roof. By understanding these frequently asked questions about roofing upgrades, you will be a better-informed owner, and this will make it easier for you to make smart decisions for your property.