Recognizing Bothersoe Garage Door Noises And What Could Be The Problem

Posted on: 2 February 2015

There is no question about the fact that the garage door is one of the most useful aspects of your home. However, when the garage door starts to age, it can make all kinds of racket as it opens and shuts. Some noises can be so hard on your ears that you would rather just leave the door closed than have to hear it. If your garage door is making a lot of noise, there could be a host of issues at play. Learning to recognize what noises can mean could easily help you understand how to make general repairs and prevent some major problems.

Rattling and Popping

If your garage door is making strange noises anytime it is opened or shut, even without the use of an opener, this is usually a sign that hardware holding the door together is coming loose. Loose bolts and screws that should be holding the pieces of the door tightly together during movement should be checked. It is not uncommon for this hardware to shimmy its way loose over time. Grab a screwdriver and tighten every screw, bolt, or fastener you see.

Loud Squeals and Screeching

If you have ever heard the sound of metal rubbing against metal, such as when brake pads wear out on a car, you know that this can create a high-pitched screeching sound that is anything but easy on the ears. This type of noise from your garage door is usually indicative that a simple lubrication job is way past due. Using a tube of clear, lithium all-purpose grease, lubricate the perimeter metal frame of the door and the rollers to eliminate the issue.

Clanging Spring Sounds

The garage door is suspended in place by industrial strength tension springs designed to prevent the door from slamming closed. If these springs are a bit outdated, they can make a lot of noise when pressure is applied. Use a good spray lubricant to coat the springs generously from every angle. This will help the springs move easier and prevent further deterioration.

Grinding and Grunting

The sound of grinding when the garage door is being opened is readily related to the garage door opener. If you have a chain-driven garage door opener, this usually means that the chain has slipped off track. You should disconnect power and open the motor mount of the opener to check for signs of a slipped chain. On the other hand, if you have a belt-driven system, the grinding or grunting sound may mean that the motor of the opener is starting to fail. This is caused by the rotating gears trying to turn against a worn crank.

Part of maintaining a garage door is making sure you know how to recognize signs of a problem. While a garage door is always going to make some noise during operation, these noises are out of the ordinary and could mean there is a need for garage door repair (from a company like Girard's Garage Door Services).