Installing A Tennis Court On Your Property

Posted on: 22 January 2015

If your facility is thinking about installing a tennis court, there are a few things you will want to do to ensure the result comes out as you wish. Tennis courts can be a great amenity for hotels, residential complexes, parks or schools, and should be constructed professionally to ensure their safety. Here are some guidelines for your use to have a tennis court placed on your own property.

Find Out Specifics

You will want to give a call to your local town building to see if there are any permits or codes you will need to follow in order to have a tennis court constructed. You may need to fill out some paperwork to hand into the town telling about measurements and materials you will be using. If you will be installing a fence around the perimeter of the court, for example, you will most likely need a permit to install.

Preparing The Land

You will want to have your grounds leveled in order to place a court on your property. Call an excavation company to come to your establishment to take out trees or brush in the area where you will be building. They will also be able to level the ground in preparation.

Placing The Court

Hire a paving company like R Williams Paving LLC to place the base of your court. They will be able to frame out the area where the asphalt will be placed, and will be able to pour and roll the material into place. After it has cured and dried, they will be able to seal the court to ensure it stays looking new for longer. 

Painting And Extras

Your court will need to be painted with tennis court striping to show the guidelines to be able to play the game properly. A paving company will be able to use asphalt paint right on the surface. After it has dried, another coating of sealant is applied to keep the paint from wearing.

You will be able to then purchase netting and benches to place around your court. If you decide to put in fencing or walls, you would need to hire another contractor to place these for you. 

Maintaining Your Court

Your tennis court can be kept in nice condition if you do regular maintenance to upkeep the surface. Routinely walk through the court to see if there are any areas that have become cracked or chipped. A paving contractor will be able to seal these for you easily, or you could use a rubberized asphalt sealant to fill in crevices yourself. Regularly sweep your court to keep debris off of the surface and try to keep moisture from pooling in any area by using a push broom after a big rain.