3 Ways To Give Your Kitchen Cabinets More Personality

Posted on: 16 January 2015

Kitchen cabinets are saviors of storage, but they aren't always the most interesting part of the room to look at. If you're planning a kitchen remodel, or want a do-it-yourself project for the weekend, here are a few ways you can add some personality to your kitchen cabinets.

Beadboard Exterior

Beadboard is paneling featuring narrow vertical planks of wood or artificial wood. Usually painted white, beadboard gives a clean yet homey look to kitchens with rustic or cottage styles. The neutral but interesting appearance can even work in a modern-styled kitchen that uses a palette of gray, black and white.

There are some options for recovering your existing cabinets to look like beadboard. You can custom cut planks of wood and glue them onto existing doors then top that with a wood frame that allows the beadboard to peek through the center. A cheaper option is beadboard wallpaper, which gives you the look for cheap but is prone to damage with heavy usage. The best bet if you plan to keep the beadboard around for years to come is simply to buy new kitchen cabinets. The new cabinets will have quality, well-attached beadboard that can withstand heavy usage without showing any wear and tear.

Interior Pops of Color

Have a neutral kitchen but want to sneak in some pops of color? Add some bright hues to the interior of your cabinets. You can paint all of the interior shelves and backing a hue like teal, red or yellow. The color should still compliment your existing colors even though guests will only get a quick look at the color from time to time.

You can take it a step further by using a bold stencil along the back walls of the cabinets. For example, use a Moroccan tile inspired stencil and red paint to give an exotic feel to your kitchen without going overboard by doing the kitchen walls. Look for stencils that are approved for home or glass projects and use a spray adhesive to temporarily fasten the stencil before painting. This prevents blurring and seepage when you go to paint.

Remove the Doors

Want to make your kitchen look more open, or show off the new pops of color in your cabinet interiors? Consider removing a cabinet door or two and leave the shelves exposed. You will want to do this with cabinets that are well-organized on the inside -- ideally the cabinets that hold your attractive plate set or your nicer pots and pans. This tactic can really draw attention, so make sure you only do it if you are able and willing to keep those cabinets looking especially clean.