Four Interesting Uses For A Dead Tree

Posted on: 12 January 2015

Dead and dying trees usually require removal when they become a danger or once more than half of the branches are dead. Instead of going straight for the ax, look into alternative and environmentally friendly uses for the dying tree. You may not even need to cut it down right away.

#1: Leave It In Place

Not every dead tree requires removal. A dead tree can provide important habitats for many species, such as for woodpeckers and other birds. Before deciding to keep the tree, survey the area for safety. If the tree isn't located near buildings, power lines or roads, and is in an area where it's not likely to fall on anyone, you can choose to leave it in place.

A dead tree will need some maintenance for safety and to keep it from falling prematurely. Remove large branches to prevent some stress on the dead trunk. If the tree is only in the process of dying, removing the dead branches and watering deeply can also help prolong its life.

#2: Use It for Mulch

A tree can produce a lot of mulch. Depending on how it died, that mulch can be used to cover garden beds and pathways to prevent weeds and to help retain soil moisture. Simply ask the removal team to leave the wood chips on your property after they run the tree through the wood chipper, which is the common practice after removal.

An arborist can correctly identify the disease that killed your tree, and advise on whether it can be spread to healthy plants via mulch. You also want to avoid using black walnut trees for mulch, because chemicals in the wood can harm other plants.

#3: Turn It Into Firewood

One of the simplest ways to reuse your dead tree is to have it cut into firewood. Your tree removal company can cut the trunk into useable rounds for you, which you can then split on your own for use in an outdoor or indoor fireplace.

#4: Make It Art

A large stump can be expensive and difficult to remove. Stump art, where a local craftsman turns the stump into a decorative lawn statue, provides a different option. You can also use the stump as the base for a decorative bird bath. Depending on the quality of the wood along with your personal hobbies and skills, you can also recycle it for art or carpentry projects.

There's no need to waste a dead tree on your property. It can provide valuable resources for your home or for local wildlife.