Help! My Garage Door Won't Open!

Posted on: 4 January 2015

Is your car stuck in your garage because your garage door won't open? Don't panic! There are a variety of possible reasons that could cause your garage door to not open, and it's possible there's an easy fix. Follow these tips to troubleshoot your garage door and get your car out of the garage.

Check the Batteries in the Opener

It's possible that the batteries in your garage door remote have died. To test this theory, try opening the garage door from the keypad in the garage. The garage door should open. Next, push the button on the garage door remote while standing next to the receiver. The light on the receiver should blink to show it's receiving a signal. If the light doesn't blink when the button is pushed on the opener, this means that the signal is not reaching the receiver. The problem is very likely a dead battery. Change the battery and try again to open the garage door from the remote. 

Check the "Lock" Feature from the Keypad

The keypad in the garage may have a locking feature that prevents the garage door from opening via the remote control. This function is designed to provide added security in the event that you leave for a vacation. If this is the case, the garage door should still activate via the keypad in the garage. The lock feature may be deactivated from this keypad as well. 

Remove Any Obstructions from the Electric Eye

Some garage doors won't open if an obstruction is blocking the sensor in the electric eye. To get rid of any obstructions, check the space just inside the garage door, near the ground. Remove any debris or scraps you see. The electric sensors will be located a couple inches off the ground on either side of the door. If you see nothing blocking the sensors, try cleaning the sensors with a tissue. 

If none of these things work, your garage door opener may be broken. Garage door openers have many moving parts, including springs, wires, rollers and gears--and any one of these parts may be experiencing a problem. If this is the case, it's time to call a professional. To find the source of your issue, contact a company that specializes in garage door repair, such as Eppers Construction. Some companies offer emergency service and may be able to get out to your home quickly, if your car is stuck inside the garage.